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Friday, January 25, 2008


Acai In The News

NBC Today ShowIn this special report on the Acai Berry by Matt Lauer of NBC's Today Show, the indigenous people of Brazil are seen calling Acai, "the Viagra of the Amazon." Watch the news clip now.Source: NBC Today Show

The Oprah Winfrey ShowWorld renown, best-selling health author, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, names the acai berry his #1 superfood on the Oprah Winfrey Show. "Hidden within its royal purple pigment is the magic that makes it nature's perfect energy fruit. Acai is packed full of antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids."Source: Oprah.com

Can a Brazilian berry fight off cancer? A new study suggests the acai berry triggers a self-destruct response in up to 86% of leukemia cells. Dr. Mark Mincolla, PhD, a natural health care practitioner, explains. Watch this short news clip from The New England Cable News network.Source: http://www.NECN.com

The Observer (UK), Sunday April 18, 2004 - It gives energy and strength - and it's great for sex. Rio de Janeiro is the city that worships health and beauty and where the healthy and the beautiful drink acai. Acai is more of a lifestyle option than a foodstuff; a magic fruit potion that fuels the hedonistic energy of Brazilian beach life.
Shortly after I moved to Rio, I was told about the acai berry's amazing nutritional properties: Brazilians believe it gives you strength, energy, and is great for sex. A friend told me that when he was having difficulty in fathering a child, the first thing his doctor recommended was "drink lots of acai." And it worked!'Source: Observer.guardian.co.uk

Dr. Nicholas Perricone - Superfood No. 1: Acai Nature's Energy FruitIt may seem odd to start this list of superfoods with one you've likely never even heard of. But studies have shown that this little berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world! Acai (ah-sigh-ee) is the high-energy berry of a special Amazon palm tree. Harvested in the rainforests of Brazil, acai tastes like a vibrant blend of berries and chocolate. Hidden within its royal purple pigment is the magic that makes it nature's perfect energy fruit. Acai is packed full of antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids.Source: Oprah.com

Good Morning America"Acai contains a concentration of antioxidants, to help combat premature aging, with 10-30 times the anthocyanins (antioxidants) of red wine. Acai has an almost-perfect essential amino acid complex in conjunction with valuable trace minerals vital to proper muscle contraction and regeneration."Source: ABCNews.go.com

University Of Florida News-- Brazilian Berry Destroys Cancer CellsJanuary 12, 2006-- "A Brazilian berry popular in health food contains antioxidants that destroyed cultured human cancer cells in a recent University of Florida study, one of the first to investigate the fruit?s purported benefits.Published today in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the study showed extracts from acai (ah-Sigh-ee) berries triggered a self-destruct response in up to 86 percent of leukemia cells tested, said Stephen Talcott, an assistant professor with UF's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences."Source: News.ufl.edu

New Life Journal, April-May, 2005 by Matthew ChildsAcai's health benefits are astounding, and scientists are touting the fruits high level of proteins, fiber, vitamin E, minerals, and important essential fatty acids. Acai's antioxidant concentration surpasses even blueberries, and it is also a valuable, natural cholesterol controller.
Additional studies on Acai have also discovered that it builds the immune system, fights infection, protects the heart, and can control prostate enlargement.Source: New Life Journal
Business Week Magazine-- September 2005"The juice of the acai berry may represent one of the most exciting opportunities in the young history of the functional foods business."Source: Businessweek.com

New York Times - August 4, 2004"Rich in antioxidants and amino acids, Acai is thought to be one of the most nutritional fruits of the Amazon basin."Source: NYtimes.com

Antioxidant Fruit - January 13, 2006 By Dyan Zedeker WINK TV, FloridaImagine a fruit that tastes like red wine and chocolate, but could also help prevent illnesses like heart disease and cancer. Actually, you don't need your imagination, just your taste buds. Source: WinkTV.com

Scotsman - April 22, 2006 Berry is 'world's healthiest fruit' by ALASTAIR JAMIESONAlthough popular for years as an ingredient in smoothies among Brazilian surfers, it was only imported in bulk to the US five years ago. Since then, however, it has been heralded by lifestyle gurus and celebrities such as tennis star Andre Agassi, Brazilian Formula 1 driver Rubens Barrichello, and musician Sting, as the latest must-have health food. Some doctors say that the berries can also help to fight leukemia and premature aging and, in some cases, can increase libido. Source: Scotsman.com

The Wall Street Journal - April, 2003"Wheatgrass, protein shakes -- so 2002. At juice bars and health stores around the country, the hip new taste is acai..."Source: Online.WSJ.com

Sports Illustrated for Women (September, 2003) Acai fruit one of "The 41 Best Things on Earth," and the "best fruit you've never heard of."
Found in the Brazilian Amazon the purple acai (ah-sigh-ee) palm fruit has 30 times the amount of antioxidants of red wine, and contains essential fatty acids and vitamins C and E, all of which help reduce cholesterol and prevent cancer and heart disease.Source: CNNSI.com

Health Science Institute - "Nature's Perfect Food"Discover the amazing health benefits of the fruit from the Amazon's "tree of life." July 2003 by Judy Douglas
There's got to be a better way to get these valuable nutrients than guzzling wine and drowning in oil. As it turns out, there is. I learned about it from HSI panelist Jon Barron. He told me about a single superfood from the Amazon that, fresh from the tree, can provide over 30 times the amount of anthocyanins as red wine and all the beneficial fatty acids of olive oil in one delicious, all-natural package. And this is just the beginning of this food?s health benefits. It's virtually impossible to over-do this food - which is certainly not the case with red wine or olive oil. Get the healing power of many phytonutrients in one delicious package.Source: Health Science Institute

People Magazine 01/30/2006 - Berry Good Berry The latest look-better, live-longer superfood? It's the acai fruit. It's what Denise Richards swears by; what Kelly Slater downs before surfing competitions, and what Dr. Nicholas Perricone uses in his anti-aging potions.
"It's acai, a multipurpose mega booster berry that Hollywood has been hooked on."Source: People Magazine

Acai also has also received recent rave reviews from Men's Health Journal, Vogue, the Washington Post, the Miami Herald, Ediets.com, Business 2.0, Time Magazine, Calgary Sun, Gourmet Magazine, plus more.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Coping with the effects of Aging, Loss of Flexibility & Mobility

In order to address the issues of aging, loss of flexibility and mobility MonaVie has added two new natural substances to the Original formula - Introducing MonaVie Active !!

MonaVie Active contains Celadrin which lubricates and revitalizes the membranes that cushion joints and bones while Glucosamine restores flexibility and is the natural building block for healthy cartilage. MonaVie Active is extremely beneficial for those who suffer from joint pain, muscle pain and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. By helping to repair the previous damage done to your body, the doors are opened for you to regain your active, joyous life!

Celadrin® is an all natural proprietary ingredient, that has been clinically proven to reduce pain and rapidly promote joint health, improving flexibility and mobility. Clinically studied at various times in Vivo, it has been published twice in the prestigious Journal of Rheumatology. Available for oral and topical applications, Celadrin's beneficial effects have been proven superior in results to Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, SAMe and other arthritic medications.

Glucosamine -The "GAIT" Glucosamine/Chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial - Glucosamine Effectiveness (13 Universities - United States Study) Highlights: After five years of recruiting, testing and analyzing, this trial excitingly reports, “Combination glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate is effective in treating moderate to severe knee pain due to osteoarthritis.”

No expense has been spared in creating these two blends - It is recommended that young children & pregnant ladies drink MonaVie Original. Since I mentioned pregnancy - Can imagine the advantage to mom and child for mom to drink MonaVie Original throughout the pregnancy?!!

The way this product has impacted our lives personally from a health standpoint is life changing. Hands down the best thing we have done for our health...PERIOD. It has also opened our eyes to other healthy eating habits. It is amazing how you will react once you are introduced to such a powerful change in your life. You kinda get the attitude of what else can I change to get healthier? Why stop here? Whether you just drink MonaVie regularly or you are a distributor and get involved in the business aspect - I see a natural reaction or knee jerk reaction to migrate towards HEALTHIER LIVING choices. It might be at the grocery store or it could be a subtle change in the material you are reading (Internet searches, magazines, cook books, recipes).

We started noticing that we were watching more & more health news related subjects. Reading the labels of the rest of the food we were preparing for our family. Conversations were focusing on positive issues and ways to improve our lives and the lives of our family.

No matter what your motivation - it will change your life in a positive way. It is a "no brainer" to consume a product whos natural side effect is...BETTER HEALTH. Remember you cannot feel prevention or maintenance!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

Emory University researchers confirm that MonaVie does lower cholesterol!!!
Whether your a Pro Athlete or an "average joe" you can both take advantage of its health benefits. In a day and age when more & more people are looking for natural solutions to todays health problems...we are one step closer...MonaVie

Friday, January 4, 2008

What Should I expect?

The most common mistake is to stop eating healthy foods or stop taking your vitamins (Juice form or pill form) because you don't feel anything?!

When was the last time someone asked you to eat a banana and call them when the potassium started working? NEVER! So why do we always expect to FEEL something in order to validate nutritional VALUE?

I like to say, "Drinking MonaVie will help 100% of the people who drink it, but not 100% of people who drink it will fell anything." In my experiences, Yeah - most people can see an improvement in at least one or more of the following - ENERGY levels, SLEEPING sounder or sleeping all night for the first time in years, seeing a decrease in joint pain, helping with GOUT symptoms, alleviating FIBROMYALGIA pain, improved eyesight, and the list goes on and on.

But a common mistake is to stop drinking your Monavie because you don't feel a difference. When was the last time you felt an antioxidant fight a free radical in your body? By the way, I have a wonderful, short video that shows "How Antioxidants Work" on my webpage www.thegreatproduct.com/news

The antioxidant level in MonaVie is unmatched. Don't be fooled by other products just because they have the acai berry in them. The most crucial time to preserve the antioxidants in the acai berry is when it is picked. Fact is, MonaVie utilizes a patented process to preserve the nutrients of the acai berry as they are imported to the United States. Any other product using the acai berry DOES NOT have the same nutritional value as the acai berry found in MonaVie!

Based on USDA DATA - the acai berry is 500 - 1000% higher in antioxidant activity than any other fruit or vegetable.

The following is an example of ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) testing scores in the foods we eat -

Tomato = 60
Cherry = 100
Broccoli = 130
Red Raspberry = 210
Blueberry = 260
Acai = 1027!!!

For the longest the greatest antioxidant in controlling super oxide free radicals was sprouted wheat grass - Acai is 3-4 times more powerful.

One final note of importance before I leave this topic is make sure that when a company talks about ORAC scores and testing - they are most likely giving the scores per 100 grams - MonaVie scores are per SINGLE gram!!!!

So remember don't think just because you don't feel something different when drinking MonaVie & other healthy ingredients that they are not working & fighting on your healths behalf.


Till we meet...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Look Who's Drinking MonaVie!!

I just saw an interview of Rodney Harrison of the NFL Champions New England Patriots & over his shoulder should appear...a bottle of MonaVie Active!!! Here is the link to the video - http://www.nfl.com/videos?videoId=09000d5d804cc1b7

Friday, December 28, 2007

I found Health & Wealth in the acai berry

My true Christmas gift was given to me in November when a friend shared a bottle of MonaVie with my wife & I. At the time we didn't realize what we had our hands on. Without getting technical it is a blend of 19 health-promoting fruits from all four corners of the earth. The headlining fruit in the formula is the acai berry - its loaded with antioxidants!!