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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Coping with the effects of Aging, Loss of Flexibility & Mobility

In order to address the issues of aging, loss of flexibility and mobility MonaVie has added two new natural substances to the Original formula - Introducing MonaVie Active !!

MonaVie Active contains Celadrin which lubricates and revitalizes the membranes that cushion joints and bones while Glucosamine restores flexibility and is the natural building block for healthy cartilage. MonaVie Active is extremely beneficial for those who suffer from joint pain, muscle pain and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. By helping to repair the previous damage done to your body, the doors are opened for you to regain your active, joyous life!

Celadrin® is an all natural proprietary ingredient, that has been clinically proven to reduce pain and rapidly promote joint health, improving flexibility and mobility. Clinically studied at various times in Vivo, it has been published twice in the prestigious Journal of Rheumatology. Available for oral and topical applications, Celadrin's beneficial effects have been proven superior in results to Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, SAMe and other arthritic medications.

Glucosamine -The "GAIT" Glucosamine/Chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial - Glucosamine Effectiveness (13 Universities - United States Study) Highlights: After five years of recruiting, testing and analyzing, this trial excitingly reports, “Combination glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate is effective in treating moderate to severe knee pain due to osteoarthritis.”

No expense has been spared in creating these two blends - It is recommended that young children & pregnant ladies drink MonaVie Original. Since I mentioned pregnancy - Can imagine the advantage to mom and child for mom to drink MonaVie Original throughout the pregnancy?!!

The way this product has impacted our lives personally from a health standpoint is life changing. Hands down the best thing we have done for our health...PERIOD. It has also opened our eyes to other healthy eating habits. It is amazing how you will react once you are introduced to such a powerful change in your life. You kinda get the attitude of what else can I change to get healthier? Why stop here? Whether you just drink MonaVie regularly or you are a distributor and get involved in the business aspect - I see a natural reaction or knee jerk reaction to migrate towards HEALTHIER LIVING choices. It might be at the grocery store or it could be a subtle change in the material you are reading (Internet searches, magazines, cook books, recipes).

We started noticing that we were watching more & more health news related subjects. Reading the labels of the rest of the food we were preparing for our family. Conversations were focusing on positive issues and ways to improve our lives and the lives of our family.

No matter what your motivation - it will change your life in a positive way. It is a "no brainer" to consume a product whos natural side effect is...BETTER HEALTH. Remember you cannot feel prevention or maintenance!!

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