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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Look Who's Drinking MonaVie!!

I just saw an interview of Rodney Harrison of the NFL Champions New England Patriots & over his shoulder should appear...a bottle of MonaVie Active!!! Here is the link to the video - http://www.nfl.com/videos?videoId=09000d5d804cc1b7


Marty G. said...

Joe Max Moore a 3 Time World Cup Soccer player is drinking & endorsing the amazing benefits that MonaVie can make in your body & overall health!

Marty G. said...

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to an exciting 2008. This morning I opened up my email that had been sent to me and it was another Pro athlete endorsing our great product.

Jonathan Papelbon (DHL "Delivery Man of The YEar", Pitcher for the 2007 World Champioin Red Sox) was featured in a video endorsing MonaVie. http://www.blackdiamonduniversity.com/monavie-dallin-jonathan.asp?bhcp=1

Marty G. said...

I am excited that Red Sox Pitcher Jonathan Papelbon is using a natural product! He is using MonaVie Active for energy, feeling good, clear head, and concentration, all of which he needs when taking the mound for the Red Sox.

jitesh said...

Sounds Great I will write about this natural product in my blog.

Marty G. said...

Rachael Ray had a guest on her segment called "The Dish" and it introduced MonaVie to her viewers! This product is no longer going to be a best kept secret. Join my team today!! www.thegreatproduct.com/news

Marty G. said...

In his own words...

Jonathan Papelbon
Thanks MonaVie following Baseball's Sweetest Victory

[Boston, MA] – November 2007 – Greetings, MonaVie! 2007 was another great year for me and baseball. Although it's an incredibly busy time, I wanted to personally say thank you for providing me with MonaVie this year.

As a closing pitcher in baseball, I'm always looking to gain a competitive advantage throughout the grueling, eight-month-long baseball season. And I can definitely say that I've noticed the benefits my body receives from MonaVie. In fact, many of my teammates have also made MonaVie a part of their daily regimen, and I think the results speak for themselves.

As I've stated in the past, whether it's the product or the business opportunity, MonaVie is a home run...and it's the only home run I'll allow.

Keep delivering the juice, and I'll do my best to keep delivering baseball titles to Beantown!

—Jonathan Papelbon