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Friday, December 28, 2007

I found Health & Wealth in the acai berry

My true Christmas gift was given to me in November when a friend shared a bottle of MonaVie with my wife & I. At the time we didn't realize what we had our hands on. Without getting technical it is a blend of 19 health-promoting fruits from all four corners of the earth. The headlining fruit in the formula is the acai berry - its loaded with antioxidants!!


Marty G. said...

I was talking to a friend yesterday about the juice and he made a good point (he had watched Dr. Lou Niles video). He said it is nice to know the science behind the product & why it is working, but my wife & I want to know what it has done for you? So I told him the following...

My wife - Hasn't slept through the night without waking up 3-6 times each night in the last 4 years. I know because it wakes me up when she gets up. She is now sleeping all night & finally resting! Her TMJ jaw pain GONE. She now has the energy to be active beyond her job & is back involved in her hobbies...money cannot buy that!!

Myself - I am a high energy guy so I knew ahead of time that my testimony wouldn't be one of noticable energy, but it is such a POWERFUL inti-inflamatory I am sleeping soundly as well. A little background, I am a contractor & the nature of my business can really get my muscles inflamed in my neck to the point of not being able to sleep on one side for more than 15min without that side of my body going to sleep & getting knumb. So my nights were tossing from one side to the other in order for me to alleviate the knumbness. On top of this I would have to visit my chiropractor for "tune-ups" a min of 3 times per month & mostly once a week. I can honestly say that I haven't has to go to the chiro for this problem since drinking MonaVie.

These are a few of the "Noticable" benefits that we are experiencing on the juice.

Marty G. said...

I have known it for sometime but closing pitcher for the 2007 World Champion Red Sox Jonathan Papelbon drinks the juice. He says it has given him the edge that every athlete is looking for. He states it gives him More Energy, Feeling Better, Clear Head, and Concentration after a couple days of drinking the juice. He said every athlete is looking for that edge & I am glad he is using an all natural product!!

Marty G. said...

Our juice is also in a "Gel Pack" form. While traveling, out of town, on business, or any environment that makes it difficult to pack or carry around a bottle, the "Gel Packs" are a great solution for being "On The Go"!

Marty G. said...

The subject I would like to address today is - Can you always feel what's good for you?

I am sometimes approached with the topic of can you feel the MonaVie working?

My response is, "When was the last time someone asked you eat a banana & call me when you feel the potassium kick in?!" NEVER

So why do we question whether or not a blend of 100% natural blend of 19 fruits, covering all spectrums of color wheel is good for you? Do you question if the maintenance of your vehicle is worth it? Since I brought it up - Some people do take better care of their cars than their own bodies!

The reason is evident in the fact that overall we don't see the value of preventative maintenance of our homes, vehicles, or bodies until they are falling apart & it is more than likely too late! Then we would pay any price to go back and start over. It is at the point of organ failure that we wish we could go back and fight the "Free Radicals" in our bodies with antioxidants.

Our MonaVie juice is LOADED with antioxidants. If you would like to see how antioxidants work I have a short video on my homepage www.thegreatproduct.com/news entitled "How Antioxidants work" and it really opens your eyes to their VALUE in daily consumption. Take a look & let me know what you think...

Marty G. said...

Remember...you dont feel prevention & you dont feel maintenance.

It is my opinion that those who feel the benefits are feeling the affects in areas that they are the most deficient in. That is supposed to happen and it gives the individual a tangible benefit resulting in a personal testimony about it.

Because whether you spend money on cigarettes, soda, coffee or Monavie juice it is all about PERCEIVED VALUE!

Once you realize what it is doing for you right now, TODAY in terms of maintenance and what it is preventing you from in the future...it is a no brainer!

Marty G. said...

Business Builders - I am looking for a select few who are looking for an opportunity to build a business with MonaVie. I am willing to invest time & resources in those who want to change their lifestyle.

Whether you have money to invest and start a business full time or if you want to start part time & work yourself out of your current J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). I am looking for you both.

Money doesn't have to be your only motivation. We are sitting on a gold mine! Do it for your personal health, do it for your financial health, and do it for your family health (TIME).

There are plenty of people with wealth and no time for family. There are plenty of people who have all the time in the world, but are broke so they cannot enjoy the time available.

The true meaning, in my opinion, of FINANCIAL FREEDOM, is having a balance between wealth and the time to enjoy it with family and frinds! Take control of your future TODAY...Improve your health, build wealth, and change your life.